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After your graduate from UAH, your student email account will eventually expire. In order to keep your information (emails, attached files, etc), you will need to set up this migration process before it happens.

There are a small handful of steps you must make sure to have done to prepare both email accounts - your original student email address and your new personal one - before you can migrate the email. 

Step One: Setting Up Less Secure Apps

The first step is to set up your UAH email account to allow less secure apps (depending on some factors, you might have to do this for both accounts). To do this, go to your email account click your user icon in the upper left corner, and then choose "My Account". 

Then you will be taken into an account settings screen. From there, choose Sign-in & Security >. Then scroll all the way down on that page until you see an option marked "Allow less secure apps". It defaults to OFF. Click the toggle to set it to ON. You do not have to click save, it will do that automatically when you toggle it. 

Step Two: Setting up IMAP

Now that you have done that, you will return to your GMail window and this time click on the little gear icon and then choose "Settings" from the drop down box that shows up. Once you get to settings, click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". Now, look down that page until you see "IMAP Access" and set it to Enable IMAP. Once you click enable, you must save changes. This is for both accounts

Step Three: The Migration

Once you have both account set to allow less secure apps, and have both to set to allow IMAP, the next step is to actually migrate the emails. You will log into the OIT Self-Service Portal and login with your LDAP credentials (even as an alumni, use your username and password that you used as a student, not the info for you personal account). 

Once there, click on the Google "tab" (more like a link about the middle of the top of the page) and then click the migration tab. You will now enter both of your email addresses and their log in. The "From account - Email/login" is your student email. The "To account - Email/login" is your other email address. Then click begin transfer.

Trouble Shooting and FAQ

If you did everything correctly [and assuming there are no glitches], that should work for you. However, if you get an error message, make sure to check the following things:

  • You have your personal email account fully set up and can log into it.
  • You are using the formation for the UAH email account. 
  • If you have waited for more than a year or so, it might be that your emails from your account have expired. 
  • Make sure both the and the other account (if needed) are set up to use less secure apps.
  • Make sure both the and the other account are set up to use IMAP. 

If you have checked all of those things, maybe wait a few minutes and try again. If that does not work, you can contact OIT via phone at 256.824.3333 or by email at

Comments (2)

  1. Do the 2 email accounts merge? Or do messages sent to the account get forwarded to the other account?
    by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2016
  2. They do not merge in that sense. You can set up an automatic forward while your student account is still active, but once it expires, emails sent to the version will bounce back. I would recommend you set up an auto-response that says something like "Please update my email address to [new@email]" as well as the forward to catch those that email you frequently. Or send out a mass email to your frequent contacts before it expires. --Doug Bolden
    by Doug Bolden on Dec 01, 2016

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