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Step 1: From your search screen or the browse screen, the full record is a little index-card looking thing to the left of the record. See illustration below.

Alternately, if you are looking at the entry (the bit with the thumbnails/etc), then there is the same icon towards the top of the page, again to the left-most side.

Steps 2 + 3: Once you are on the record, then simply clicked the "Add to Marked List" before going to the Marked List section (the white highlight).

Steps 4 + 5: Now that you have it marked, and you are at your marked list, you should have an option to download the entire record as a PDF. Or, on the download confirmation screen, you can choose to download a certain range of pages. And that's it!

Note, these scans can get kind of sizable, especially for bigger documents, so plan accordingly.

Example of getting to the record

Getting to the EEBO record from the entry itself

Marking a record and then going to the marked list

EEBO Marked List

Downloading from EEBO

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