Answered By: Doug Bolden
Last Updated: Oct 07, 2015     Views: 94

We do not have a law library in the sense of a separate building or separate section dedicated to cases, public laws, codes, and so forth. We do have access to Lexis Nexis in a couple of flavors (which is our primary law research resource), and we have a few books, like a 1999 edition of Black's Law Dictionary, that would provide general assistance. Outside of those resources, it is sort of a case-by-case (pun not intended but I'll allow it) basis via searching our catalog at but these are often books of the more non-fiction, examine a topic and then write 10 chapters on it, sense of the word.

Particular areas of law might have other information in our other databases. Such as, business law would have some discussion in Business Source Premier. Again, probably not cases, more along the lines of academic research.

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