Answered By: Doug Bolden
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Our collection only goes back to 1938. We have 1938-1959 under "National Geographic Magazine" and then 1959-2001 (or so) as "National Geographic". From there on, our collection is entirely digital.
I did a Worldcat search, and it says that the Huntsville Madison County Public Library has it back to the dates you need, but then I did a search on their catalog and got nothing. It might be worth it to call them (256)532-5940. I think they also have digital reference on their website:
Other hits that do seem to have it that are not terribly far away include Jackson State University:

and Samford University
The latter, at least, seems to have it via a CD-ROM and, again, you might want to check first about availability.
If you want to do a Worldcat search yourself, you can get to it from
Depending on what you want/need, I also found that NG themselves sell a huge collection that has every issue through 2010 across 6 DVDs.

Finally, the person at the following link has free issues through 1922 linked (seems like through Google Books):
After 1923, they would no longer be in public domain, so that would explain that cut off.