Answered By: Doug Bolden
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There are a couple of ways to perform this search. One way is to go to our online databases ( and then click on Academic Search Premier. Confirm that "Scholarly" and "Full-text" options are checked, and then simply do a search for "Fourteenth Amendment". We have other resources, like JStor, that will also have informaton written on the topic.

LexisNexis is a useful potential source, but it can be kind of high in the technical/jargon elements. One way to search it is to go to LexisNexis Academic, and then look to the lower right where it says "Combined Sources". Do a search for the amendment there, marking all the sources you want to search and submitting a time frame.

Another way is to go and then do a search like this:

Fourteenth Amendment

Note, the "" portion will limit your results to just .gov (i.e. government) websites. If you want to find sites hosted by Universities (which can also be useful, you can change that to

Two of the results that you get from that search are:

The first one lays out the exact aspects of the law and related. The second is more from the Library of Congress perspective.