Answered By: Doug Bolden
Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018     Views: 53

You can search Primo Pathfinder. If you want to see specifically books, you can change the search from "Basic" to "Library Catalog". 

To search for the topic of "modern Latin America", start at that level of specificity. Simply type in "modern Latin America" into the first line (with or without quotes will give slightly different results, but they should be similarly of a type) and then click Search.

Additionally, you will have several other lines of terms you can search by going to Advanced. 

Alternately, you can change the AND at the start of the additional line to NOT and then specify things you do not want to be included in your search. In this way, if you want to look up books on Latin America but *not* Mexico, you can set the line to "NOT" and then search for "Any Field" with Mexico. Another option is OR, which will return books that match either the line above or the line after OR.

As you search, if you want *only physical books*, see the "Limit to" on the left-hand side and choose "available in the library".  

The sample search described above (Latin America, not Mexico, only physical books) can be seen here:,contains,Latin%20America,AND&query=any,contains,Mexico,AND&tab=default_tab&search_scope=01UAH_ALMA&sortby=rank&vid=01UAH_V1&facet=tlevel,include,available&lang=en_US&mode=advanced&offset=0